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Ideas are seeds - let me grow them into the landscape of your dreams!

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As your designer, I begin the process by meeting with you at the project site to discuss your vision and goals for the landscape. During this consultation I'll ask you questions and bounce ideas off you - everything from your intended use of the space, to your favorite colors, textures and preferred style. These notes will help me to create a design that is both beautiful and functional.

After the consultation I'll devise a schematic "concept" diagram for your landscape. This is then refined into a final, color rendered site plan, as well as a black & white installation plan for the contractor of your choosing. If a client has trouble envisioning what a particular area of their new landscape will look like, I can also create a 3D perspective image to better help them "see" the finished results.

Typical perspective rendering

I work with several reputable landscape contractors that are able to install my projects. A client is also free to search local businesses to find a contractor on their own. Whenever you're ready to have your landscape installed, you can take your time to pick and choose the best contractor at the best price! If you have a tight budget, your design can also be installed in phases to work better with your current financial situation. In any scenario, I personally oversee all installations to make sure your design is installed correctly.

Landscape services include:

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