Landscape Services

Current rates and fees

+ Landscape Designing

$40 per hour, 5 hour minimum
30% non-refundable deposit

+ Design Revisions

$40 per hour
No minumum or maximum

+ Installation Supervision

$30 per hour
No minumum or maximum

+ Initial Consultation

$50 per hour
Creditable to design contract

Q: Why do you charge for initial consultations? [Blank Landscape Company] offers free consultations.

When I first began work as an independent designer, my consultations were free. I quickly found out that, sadly, there are many unscrupulous clients who have no intention of ever hiring a designer, but take advantage of designers offering free consultations in order to gain free design ideas for their projects. Unfortunately, this comes at the expense of the designer's time, money, and resources.

Moreover, most landscape companies that offer free consultations are large design/build companies that make the bulk of their money from the installation of big projects, not through the design itself. Consultations are free because the company will only work with clients who hire them for the installation of the project.

To help ensure that I only meet with design clients who are serious about their projects, I charge $50 for all initial consultations of up to 60 minutes. This fee is credited back to clients who move forward with their design contracts -- the contract will have the final design fee minus $50.

The consultation fee is non-refundable for all other clients.

+ Small Projects

Some landscape projects are too small to warrant a client spending money on a formal design. These include things such as creating or updating a small garden area, staging a series of container gardens, etc.

Clients with small projects are encouraged to schedule an initial consultation with me: in most instances, I can install these small projects personally for a lump sum fee that includes materials plus labor expenses.

Contact Victor

For both landscape design and personal training inquiries, please use the following contact information.

Victor Lazzari / JungleGymFL
380 NW 43 Street, Oakland Park FL 33309

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