Personal Training

Current rates and fees

+ Single Client

20 minute trial workout: FREE
10 sessions: $60 per session
20 sessions: $55 per session
30 sessions: $50 per session

+ Couples Training

10 sessions: $90 per session
20 sessions: $80 per session
30 sessions: $70 per session

+ Diet Plans

3 month diet plan: $50 (per person)

+ Stretching & Myofascial Release

$40 per session (typically 20-25 mins)

+ Fitness Consultation Only

One-time assessment: $50 per person

Q: I'm interested in the Fitness Consultation Only. What is that exactly?

Occasionally I get inquiries from local clients who are interested in training themselves (e.g. without a trainer in the gym with them), but need a professional trainer to give them advice on diet, working out, meeting a specific fitness or weight goal, etc for their self-guided training. These clients are encouraged to schedule a Fitness Consultation with me.

For $50, we will sit down one-on-one and I will answer any and all questions the client will have related to diet, exercise, supplements, etc. The consultation lasts for up to one hour (60 min). No question is taboo or off-limits and everything shared is confidential. Clients are highly encouraged to bring a smartphone, tablet, pen + paper, etc and take detailed notes during their consultation.

Consultations are strictly one-on-one, and one-time only.

+ Online Coaching & Training

3 month diet and workout plan: $300 (per person)

Q: I'm interested in Online Coaching. Can you tell me more?

Several times a year, I am contacted through social media by non-local clients living in other parts of the country (or world!) who are interested in my personal training services. For these non-local clients I offer Online Coaching. This is a flat rate of $300 USD and can be paid with either personal check, money order, or PayPal.

For $300, I will write up a three-month-long diet and exercise program tailored to meet whatever weight or fitness goal you have. The workout plan will include sets, reps, and descriptions of all exercises. If a client is unsure of any exercise, I will provide links to demonstration videos on YouTube. The diet plan includes a daily meal and supplement plan for 3 months, with clear direction given on what to eat and when to eat in order to meet your goals. The entire program is capped off with an introductory description of your assessed current fitness level, possible issues that I see, and the overall strategy for meeting your goals.

Clients interested in purchasing the Online Coaching package are required to fill out the New Client Orientation + PAR-Q form, located in the "New Client Forms" section of the website.

+ Client Incentives

Refer a friend: 1 free workout per referral!
Renew for 10+ sessions: 1 free workout per renewal!

Contact Victor

For both landscape design and personal training inquiries, please use the following contact information.

Victor Lazzari / JungleGymFL
380 NW 43 Street, Oakland Park FL 33309

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